TradeWars 2002 is a space trading and combat game based on a classic capitalist formula: buy low and sell high. Add ship to ship combat and you have yourself a cult classic strategy game.

Trade Wars 2002 originated as a  "Door Game" used on run on dial-up modem access to Bulletine Board System (BBS). 

Thanks to Telnet clients and Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS) anyone can play TW2002 on dozens of free servers today. 

Trade Wars 2002

Trade Was 2002"Red or Blue"

   Select your ship, build your planet, and choose the path of good, or fall to the path of evil. Negatively aligned pirates may have bounties placed on them at stardock for evil deeds and crimes against colonists everywhere. For those who choose the postive path will be rewarded with the mighty Imperial StarShips and a mission to right the evil deeds of others. 

   Choose your side.

  • Kill Alien Traders and avoid the Ferrengi. 
  • Transwarp Blind to determine your luck.
  • Photon Missiles are your best friend and your worst enemy.
Do not buy a Missile Frigate, it must be the worst ship design ever!